A complimentary architecture & interior design studio with a passion for problem solving, implementing a personal approach to all our projects, big or small. Nōn, a prefix representing the Latin adverb “non” meaning “not,” symbolizing the studio’s adaptable ethos with no signature style. Nōn’s founders come from a background immersed in challenging the status quo, educated at the Architectural Association, the Bartlett School of Architecture, and Chelsea College of Art respectively. Nōn’s experience and expertise stems from working on a range of commercial, workplace and residential projects throughout Europe and the Middle East.  Nōn are inspired by the connection between humans and space, the site, and the possibility of a new architectural identity. Nōn’s approach is to lead from human experience rather than any fixed design dogma. Nōn are collaborators, listening carefully to convert the vision and desire of the client into a tangible result. Nōn is able to use its holistic ability to inform their clients and projects through different lenses. Nōn immerses itself at every stage, making sure they challenge and contribute to achieve the best result. Nōn create well thought through human centric experience that enriches human lives.